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Engagement Packages

Engagement photos are a great way to get to know your photographer before "the Big Day". Engagement photos can be printed on several mediums and are lovely displayed on a Save-the-Date card, and for your wedding day table display.

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Wedding Packages

We love our clients and want to give them the very best in their wedding package. Luminous offers several wedding package options to accomodate the needs of our clients. Every package we offer comes with a custom designed wedding album.

Bridal Photographers DFW
Bridal Photographers

Our Private Bridal sessions are for brides looking for a little more than a standard photo session. With these packages you can choose a special venue for your session or create a unique look.

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Printing Services

Luminous offers a wide variety of professional print options for custom wedding announcements and invitations, as well as hard cover bound wedding albums, and novelties.

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What to Expect

Many people want to know what to expect with wedding photography. It is as important for you to know and understand the process as it is important your photographer understands your needs. Communication is key. Our photographer is easy to talk to and open to your ideas and the things you like. Making it easy to express your concepts and get the look you want in your wedding photos.

Luminous Perfection

Your wedding photographs are special memories that you will cherish for years to come. No longer do you need to be concerned about blemishes, flyaway hair, circles under the eyes, or any minor imperfections. At Luminous Photographs our photographers strive to make you look your best. If there happens to be an imperfection on your special day we will use our professional editing techniques to make you look perfect!

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Wedding Gallery

Get our photographers take on why you should choose Luminous Photographs for your wedding photography. Gain a bit of insight into the mind of our photographer and learn what to look for from an experienced professional. Knowing what to look for in a photographer is helpful as most people don't have a lot of experience in choosing a photographer for their wedding. We welcome any questions and are happy to offer our advice.